New Beginning and Fresh Starts!

Have you ever just wanted a fresh start? A clean slate? A do over in life? Well this blog is exactly that! I find myself “starting over” all the time. Everyday is a new day and I strive to learn and absorb as much as I possibly can. My children think I’m crazy, my friends think I’m weird (in a good way) and strangers…….well who knows 🙂

I truly love life and enjoy trying new things from foods, to crafts, to adventures and whatever else life has in store for me. People always ask me how do you do this? or how do you do that? So why not share everything I can with people just like me?? Projects are a way of life in my household and if it doesn’t have paint, vinyl or glitter on it then wait 5 minutes!

I truly believe the old cliché when one door closes another one opens. By the worlds terms, I should be broken. Not just broken but the tiniest pieces that E6000 couldn’t even fix! I’ve always said I could write a book about my life and I would be a millionaire! Even though this isn’t a book, it is a sounding board that allows me to connect with people and hopefully bring some light to not only darkness I’ve experienced, but to help others with their darkness. We all have darkness in our lives, but how we handle it and overcome it is so important to being the best US! Lets be honest….who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?

So now here is the first layer of Leah…… I am a 34 year old single mom with 2 kids just like so many other women out there. I wake up everyday fix my coffee and start the mommin’ life! I have a beautiful 15 year old daughter and a very handsome 11 year old son. I’m not just saying that because I’m their mom, they really are pretty kids! However, I deal with your typical teenager ” I know more than you” attitude, and the brother sister gladiator rivalry that seems to make my life seem more like a referee in an NFL game than an actual mom! I started the mom life as an 18 year girl with a completely different plan for the future…..but when one door closes another door opens! Sound familiar? I graduated high school and had huge plans for college, but one month after graduation I was given the life changing news. YOU ARE PREGNANT! Huh? Excuse me? Exactly what does that mean? Well, let me tell you readers….it means wake up and realize that your life is not just yours to live! Your life is now completely different! Thank you life choices! Thank you defiant teenage Leah! Good luck! Hmmm…….I’m screwed! Or was I?

My whole life, my dad use to tell me that I would never understand how much he loved me until I had a child of my own……what an understatement! Being a mom is truly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I woke up one day and had this tiny little life to mold and raise and I would be damned if I was going to fail! After she was born I made another “good” decision and I did what any responsible person would do….I flew to Vegas at the more adult age of 19 and married her dad. Yay! Nope! One very loooong year later I realized he wasn’t the person I thought he was and filed for divorce. So lets recap…..pregnant at 18, married at 19 and divorced by 21. Have a mentioned I’m a good decision maker?? I waited a few years before I met my second husband…..who is the father of my son. He is a different kind of story. He is a good person with a big heart and we stayed married for 4 years and it was more like being married to that person you friend zoned but then changed your mind and then realized you shouldn’t have changed your mind. He is an amazing dad and our divorce was very easy and cordial. Finally, my third husband ( last one I promise) isn’t really even worth discussing. We got married, life changed for the worse, and I had to say peace out! Since then I have stayed away from the altar!

I know some of you are reading this going OMG because you totally get it and some are going OMG how terrible! I am a better person today than I have EVER been! So many people are so quick to judge single moms, or women with 2 kids with 2 different fathers, but let me just say that I love who I am! I am proud of the woman that I have grown up to be! I hope that this beginning to my story allows other women or young ladies to realize that they aren’t alone in the world! I believe this blog will help and encourage people to be the best them no matter what life has in store!  There are so many layers to who I am….I am excited to share them with you in hopes to make a difference, even if its just one life I help!

Leah D.

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